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Sanitary sewer drain pipes can create problems for property owners in North Texas. 
Sanitary sewer systems leak, back up or fail entirely due to aging lines, root intrusion, 
calcification and ground or foundation movement, costing homeowners thousands of 
dollars in damage to their homes and landscaping. In addition to the expense and 
inconvenience, backed up or leaky sewage systems in and under home or building 
creates health risks such as contamination from mold and harmful bacteria.

Some symptoms of a sewer leak are water protrusion from slab or ground, stoppage or 
backup of toilets, tubs, showers, etc., foundation movement or cracking, or unexplained 
							Static pressure testing is performed to determine if there are any leaks within the 								            sanitary sewer system. When leaks are indicated, the process of static isolation 								            testing, video camera inspection, and electronic line location are executed. We are 
							able to static pressure test the entire sanitary sewer system and pin-point any leaks
							within the system when a loss of static pressure is indicated. 

							We offer several solution methods for repair or replacement of faulty sewer lines. 

							Please consult our professionals for the most efficient and cost effective solution for 
							your home or business.

Locating your sewer leak under slab
The first step in finding a sewer leak is knowing that you have one. The way to test a sewer leak is through a static test. This is the same test done when your home was built. Itís really very simple. The first thing to do is locate your cleanouts for your sewer service leaving the structure. This will be in the ground usually in front of or behind your home. Once the cleanouts are located we insert a test plug or ball in the sanitary sewer and inflate the ball to seal it off. Once the sewer is sealed we fill the system up to slab level and monitor the water level for 20 minutes and note if there is any loss or change in the water level. If there is a loss you have a leak in the system. This does not tell us were the leak is. This test tells us we have a leak only. The next step is to locate the leak or problem. This is done with a video inspection unit ( sewer camera. ) The camera is used to inspect the sewer system and locate your problem areas. Usually a break in the sanitary system can be seen and located quickly. Once the problem area has been found the technician can turn on the transmitter behind the camera head and find the transmitter with a handheld locator. This will give him the area and the depth of the pipe and orientation. If the area can not be easily seen with the camera the technician will have to do isolation testing to find the leaking area.

Sewer Isolation Testing and Leak Detection 
Isolation testing is do in tandem with the camera. The isolation testing is done with a test ball where certain parts of the sewer system a sealed off and tested separately. Once we know which part of your sewer system has a leak, we can test it in sections until we come the area that is leaking. It is not as easy as it sounds but this is the basic concept.


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